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What Is UX/UI Design? The Difference Between UX Design And UI Design

UX design and user interface design refer to the terms “user experience design” and “user interface design,” respectively, and they are two important factors for a product, and they work very closely together. However, they have very different roles in the product.

If you imagine that the human body is a digital product, then the skeleton represents the symbol; The internal organs represent UX design, the purpose of which is to measure and optimize inputs to support life functions, and the user interface represents the aesthetics of the body.

It's important to understand that UX design and UI design go hand in hand, and you can't have just one of them. However, you do not need to possess UI skills to become a UX Designer and vice versa. UX and UI form separate roles with separate processes and tasks!

The main difference to note is that UX design is all about the overall feeling of the experience. User interface design is concerned with the look and feel of this product and how it works.

A UX designer looks at the entire user behavior to solve a specific problem. Much of their work has focused on the problems that users face to solve them. They will do extensive research to find out who the target users are and what their product needs are. They will then map out the user's flow, consider what content needs to be organized, and what kinds of features a user might need. Finally, they created a wireframe to create the basic design of the product.

With Wireframe defined by UX designers, UI designers are working to bring it to life and make it possible. At this point, UI designers take into account all the visual aspects of the user's journey, including individual screens and touchpoints that the user may encounter: buttons, swiping, scrolling through the gallery image.

The job of the UI designer is not only focused on the appearance of the product but also has a great impact on whether the product is accessible and usable. They will ask themselves questions such as "How to combine different colors to create contrast and improve readability?" What color do pairs serve color blindness? etc.

We hope you realize that UX design and UI design are two completely different things.

Summary: UX design is all about identifying and solving user problems; User interface design is all about creating intuitive, interactive interfaces. UX Design often comes first in product development, followed by UI Design.